The Day The World Changed

My dad knows something’s about 911 he thinks it was a very tragic day for all the people that died. He remembered when it happened. He was at work he […]

There are a lot of skills I would want to master. But my main one is skateboarding I’ve been doing it since I was 6 and I had a big […]

The Heroes Of Olympus by Rick Riordan

This is also about Greek Mythology and is the second season of Percy Jackson. Anyways there are newer characters in this series. You’ll be surprised with what happens in the […]

Percy Jackson

My favorite series of al books Percy Jackson. I’ve been reading those books since I was in grade 3 and I enjoyed them. It is about Greek mythology and about the […]


Kurt Cobain an American member of the band nirvana. This band was formed in 1987. It was a very good band because it’s a band that’s been lost over 30 […]

Marooned On An Island

There are 5 things I would need to survive survive with on an island. Those 5 things have to be necessary. Some things I have thought of though is no […]

Poisonous Animals

Poison Poison is something that could either kill or harm you. A lot of animals use their poison to hunt animals down so they can eat them. Animals use different parts […]

Lazy Leg's Accomplishments

Lazy Legs is a dancer that was born with a disease but he’s still very good at dancing. He’s been in a lot of places for brake dancing competitions. The show […]

Life In Pakistan

What I saw was people struggling for money. Why would planet earth rely on money?It’s not fair for other people to work extremely hard in bad conditions!!! It’s just not […]