Poisonous Animals

Poison Poison is something that could either kill or harm you. A lot of animals use their poison to hunt animals down so they can eat them. Animals use different parts […]

Lazy Leg's Accomplishments

Lazy Legs is a dancer that was born with a disease but he’s still very good at dancing. He’s been in a lot of places for brake dancing competitions. The show […]

Life In Pakistan

What I saw was people struggling for money. Why would planet earth rely on money?It’s not fair for other people to work extremely hard in bad conditions!!! It’s just not […]


My dog is all grown up now and very, very different he’s a year old now and way bigger. He’s difficult to handle and barks too much. We still manage […]

The Day I Got My Pup

Well it started like this March 31st 1pm I wanted to go to my friends birthday party. And mom told me an Italian client invited us to his house. Anyways […]