Keeping Up With Your Skill

There are a lot of skills I would want to master. But my main one is skateboarding I’ve been doing it since I was 6 and I had a big interest in it so first what I did I started watching a lot of skateboarding videos so I could get some experience. After that I did start skateboarding and got the basics. I don’t know why I started to pickup skateboarding it just came up randomly to me. I even remembered the day I asked my mom that was 4 years ago. So my mom said that we were going to buy me a bike this was in September 2011. So she did until it was my birthday I had waited more than a year. I was so happy we went to my aunts house I stayed outside the whole time all I basically did is ride it.

A few weeks later I found out that a friend of my neighborhood also skateboarded and he started giving me info about it like the tricks and pros. Later on when I was in fourth grade that’s when I really got interested in skateboarding I kept on practicing every day until I got better and better I still continue that routine cause one day I want to become a pro.

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