What I Always Wanted

I always wanted a lion as a pet. It was my favourite animal I had a very big Interest In them I always Imagined training and raising it. The colour I would choose for a lion Is completely blond I wouldn’t even want a tint of black for some reason I don’t like lions with black fur. I would want to have a very gold blondish mane. The gender I would choose Is a male. They seem to be stronger and loyal to their packs. I like canines better than felines but I cant choose wolves and Lions are precious Im more of a dog person. If I had the chance to get a cub I would definitely get one

If you had the chance in between felines and canines which one would you choose?


  1. I’ve always wanted a monkey or a lion


  2. Hey Sean, my favorite animal is a wolf, and I like big cats such as lions to, by the way if I had the chance in between felines and canines, I would chose canines.


  3. Hi Sean, its Florence. Its very hard for me to choose in between felines and canines. I love wolves, and my favorite animal would be the tiger. I like their patterns, and I like their colors. Its true that lions are interesting animals to discover, it would be awesome to raise and train your own little lion cub. I really like your post by the way!

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  4. Hi Sean! It’s me, Sionra!
    I always loved aquatic animals, but I do have a softspot for mammals too.
    I wanted a Tasmanian Tiger when I first heard about them. They were exotic animals with a few stripes on their flanks, and they resembled a small dog. They had the most skinniest tail that resembled my dog’s one, and man, they were short!
    Their Greek name was Thylacinus Cynocephalus (I dare you to try and say it correctly!)
    The Tasmanian Tiger had a pouch, resembling a Kangaroo’s.
    Unfortunately, the small creature became extinct in the 1930s, due to large amounts of hunting. The most suspected reason is because of the Tasmanian Tiger hunting the sheep and cattle of Farmers, so it didn’t end up too great.
    But if they were still alive, and it was legal to have one in Quebec, I’d definitely get one. (If my parents allowed it.)


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