War Pt. 2 – Blog Action Day – Edublog Challenge 4

Hi, my name is Sean, I am participating in Blog Action Day. This year is about inequality so my subject is peace.

Kids who are not in war have more equality are able to live a peaceful life. They have everything they need to survive while others are forced to go to war. In North America we don`t have war. We live in a good society. Everything that`s peaceful is happiness. For example the hippies they believe peace should be everywhere. And it`s all spreading. One day the whole world will be peaceful.

Now if there`s a huge war and kids are escaping we have to build refugee camps. They have to be well fed. They also need to be accepted as families. In my opinion they need their lives improved with entertainment and socializing.


Work in progress – Image on the way!

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  1. Hi Sean,
    My name is Sofia. Everything you said is true. We are very lucky that we are in school learning and that other kids are in war. Peace should be everywhere, but it is not. Many people fight for land, and it doesn’t make peace, not at all. As you said, we should have some safe house for the countries that there is war and there are little kids living in the country. On the other side, if we stop war, there would be peace all over the world. Everyone would be happy. In some countries, there are not a lot of food. So people become selfish, not in a bad way, but they would want to keep the food for their family and not share. I would do the same, but that is not how the world works. We should be happy for what we have, even if we don’t like what we are eating, we are lucky. I have a question for you, how would you feel if the whole world was covered in peace? Anyways, if you want to go visit my blog, here is my link: http://sofiaonline.edublogs.org/



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