La Navidad De Argentina

Today I will be talking about a festival that most people celebrate Christmas!!!! Except I will be talking about how they celebrate it in Argentina. So they put a Christmas tree most people do this except they add cotton but when they add cotton they’re trying to make it look like the snow since they live in a warm country. They still add ornaments and lights.

An awesome snack Ninos Envuettas oh god just looking at it makes my mouth water a sort of beef roll with minced meat, onions, and hard-boiled egg. The supper is a bit similar to ours since I’m Hispanic they either do the supper in a picnic or barbeque there holiday food is roast pork, turkey, stuffed tomatoes, and meat pies. Cake is like dessert it is served after dinner with a toast of champagne. Then comes the common stuff like giving presents and theres fireworks at midnight carolers visit many homes with singing to spread even more joy. The time for gifts is either at Christmas eve or in the day. On January 5 kids place there footwear under the tree or beside beds. In Argentina  kids leave hay and water outside there shelter the reason is because they believe the three wise men bring gifts for the kids.

Christmas!!!!! Hi again I just researched more facts about Christmas in Argentina.

1 most houses in Argentina have the nativity scene

2 the houses are decorated with red and white garlands

3 the most important dish is a parrillada which is grilled meat

4 turron is a special type of dessert with honey, sugar and egg

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  1. I love the Christmas tree you made .I like that it lights up it is cool.
    Good job!


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