A New Stage In Life

Hi today i will be talking about a new stage in life and this stage will happen in 9 months. Highschool what will happen? I dont know 9 monts to relax maybe its enough maybe its not. But im going to a good school its number 1 public school in canada HERITAGE !!!!! thats how i get my worries of thinking about how good it is. Plus theres different programs well anyways lets get back to the worry buisness what will friends from the past think of me? Will i get bullied? i have to find all the answers to all these questions when im in highschool.At least theres thing its a┬áprogram before school its called the readiness camp theyre there for everything thats a relief but still whats going to happen well i hope the lord helps me.The worst part… i dont know if i should say it maybe not yeah i wont say it but its something that all people go through.One things for sure though im gonna study hard and do my best because i dont want to fail.So do your best and dont worry be happy. Are you in sixth grade?

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