Percy Jackson

My favorite series of al books Percy Jackson. I’ve been reading those books since I was in grade 3 and I enjoyed them. It is about Greek mythology and about the […]


Kurt Cobain an American member of the band nirvana. This band was formed in 1987. It was a very good band because it’s a band that’s been lost over 30 […]

Poisonous Animals

Poison Poison is something that could either kill or harm you. A lot of animals use their poison to hunt animals down so they can eat them. Animals use different parts […]

Life In Pakistan

What I saw was people struggling for money. Why would planet earth rely on money?It’s not fair for other people to work extremely hard in bad conditions!!! It’s just not […]


My dog is all grown up now and very, very different he’s a year old now and way bigger. He’s difficult to handle and barks too much. We still manage […]